Drenched in Blog: Amy Wino

Amy Winehouse, the world’s pre-eminent lush and nodded-out soulstress, has a new DVD, I Told You I Was Trouble, coming out. It documents the past year in her career, with added live footage. This is pretty standard stuff in the industry these days, when even Jesus-Bros like Switchfoot can put out expansive concert discs, full of anti-debaucherous exploits. But what strikes us as odd is the limited time offer available when you pre-order this snuff vid.

If you put in early for the DVD, you can receive an ashtray and pint glass emblazoned with Ms. Winehouse’s logo. Yes, ladies, you too can sit in your living room or dingy bathroom and smoke Parliament after Parliament, sipping warm Coors Light in irreverent style.

I wish my favorite bands did more of this. A few years back at a Locust show, I bought a coke mirror. That I totally never used, Mom, I swear. At the last High on Fire show, they were selling booty shorts.* And Mr. Nightfly himself, Chris Henderson, sat and watched me buy a pair of Queens of the Stone Age panties at their show here in September. Back in the day, it would have thrilling to pick up a copy of Led Zeppelin IV with my very own deli-wrapped red snapper. Or maybe a cool hatchet knife with Sid Vicious’ solo record, to stab my junkie girlfriend. That bird was a real rotter. – Craig Hlavaty

* I’m wearing them right now.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.