Drenched In Blog: Attention Denim Demons and Princes of The Rodeo

Well, I couldn’t very well let today’s blog go in without mentioning Turbonegro. You see, today they release


, their first set of new material since 2005’s

Party Animals

. The band describes their new record as a "nihilistic homo-punk-metal biker movie: full of speed, power, humiliation and freedom!"

If I can’t bring Houston that very spirit on this blog, I quit.

If you belong to the Bayou City Turbojugend chapter, which meets Wednesday nights at Rudyard’s, chances are you’ve already acquired Retox through nefarious means anyway (torrent sites, the filthy leatherman down the street). It should go without saying Turbonegro is in my top five all-time list; hell, the title of this blog is my homage. I even have Hank Von Helvete, the lead singer, tattooed on my forearm, in all his bloody decadent grandeur.

So, now that I’ve done my duty for Oslo’s nastiest sons, go out and pick up Retox. If you dig this stuff, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t, check out locals Hell City Kings. -- Craig “Of Pamparius” Hlavaty

Here’s a video from the new album….

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