Drenched In Blog: Broing Down with the Hives

In further proof that record-release dates no longer matter, the Hives’ new album The

Black and White Album

leaked from Europe the other day on the usual illicit sites we all troll on. It sounds like Devo had a baby with

Some Girls

. Sure, I downloaded it, but I will also buy it when it hits the States in November.

The Hives are one of the best live shows going, even if they got wrangled into opening for Maroon 5, a monstrosity that hits Houston October 26 at the Toyota Center. I can only imagine the blank stares from margarita-swilling moms and daughters giving way to a knowing head nod. Then turning to full-fledged ecstasy when lead singer Howlin’ Pelle hits one of his screaming choruses. Even the bro-dogs there to cop a feel during M5’s “She Will Be Loved” will rip off their brown sandals in reverence to the Swedish garage gods. Forgive them for the recent Timbaland collaboration – we all make trendy mistakes now and then (just ask Duran Duran). Let’s just hope for a sweaty club show in the winter or early spring.

This is the video for first Black and White Album single “Tick Tick Boom.” It’s got museums, giant exploding heads and giant exploding museums. – Craig Hlavaty

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