Drenched In Blog: Car Stereo (Blogs)

If anyone knows Drenched, you know we love to dance. The moves have been described by bystanders as looking something like Henry Rollins being molested by Mick Jagger, fueled by whiskey, amaretto and denim.

Tonight at Boondocks, the official bar of Drenched In Blog, Austin's Car Stereo (Wars) will be spinning sickery upstairs. You may have seen Drenched up there, sweaty, bearded and covered in glittery lip gloss. It's a beautiful thing. Car Stereo do mash-ups the world only dreamed of before, with Elastica rocking with Salt ‘N’ Pepa and Faces jamming with Tone-Loc. It's like you’re back in seventh grade, puking up root beer Schnapps. I mean me.

In the words of Sparks, "Dance, goddammit!"

And this extra video, because I hate references to go to waste… - Craig Hlavaty

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