Jet Magazine"">

Drenched in Blog: "Dear Jet Magazine"

This post should serve as notice to inform you that I will in fact not be subscribing to your magazine this year.

It's not because I don't enjoy in-depth articles on noted civil-rights leader Andrew Young, or the seasonal hair-care tips that help me keep my 'do manageable during winter. I mean I actually like how small your publication is, all cute and pocket-size. And it's not even because I am the extreme polar opposite of your target demographic. My whiteness, while embarrassing and at times cumbersome, was no factor in turning down the chance to read an exclusive interview with Chaka Khan that just appeared last week.

It was this photo I recently viewed online:

I will be taking my magazine budget elsewhere, thank you very much. I have no intention of opening my mailbox to find photos such as this, polluting my eyes with such a grisly visage being bared in my direction.

Cat Fancy will be filling my mailbox this year… again.


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