Drenched in Blog: Emo Kids Getting Attacked in Mexico

I can't enough of watching this random Mexican Nu Metal Dude lose his shit over emo kids. I hear they are beating the white jeans off these kids south of the border. Anyway, this guy gets so worked up he slips into English to say "fucking bullshit" for added emphasis.

Ya gotta give it up to these guys. We've been dealing with this caca for years now and the minute it hits their cities, they get all the cholos and metal heads together for a beat down that the Who would have written a rock opera about. Social commentators are likening this to the Nazi persecution of the Jews in the late 1930s. Is that seriously the best metaphor they could dig up? Seriously, comparing the Nazi Party to a rag-tag group of Sepultura geeks and dudes in oversized Dickies beating up pansexual mall nymphs?

Back in high school there was this group of Hispanic kids who spoke no discernible English, but they wore Brujeria shirts and had mullets. They alternately scared me and fascinated me. Really no point to that anecdote. Just wanted to mention Brujeria. Sorry. – Craig Hlavaty

For more on the attacks, check out LA Weekly’s in-depth coverage.

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