Drenched in Blog Extra: Foxboro Hot Tubs

When Drenched came to after Saturday night’s Houston Press holiday party, we needed something to lift our deflated, dehydrated spirits. You see, open bars and rock writers mix just as well as peanut butter and anti-freeze.

This is Foxboro Hot Tubs, one in the long line of Green Day side-projects. Most of Billie Joe and the guys’ side deals come out with little fanfare, but they are always of quality. It seems they use these things to exercise the gaskets between colossal concept albums. The Network was a masked Devo-on-Adderall band that only released one album, loaded with robot vocals and synthed to the gills, in 2004.

We highly recommend this new project. It’s really catchy garage rock, all Farfisas and ass-chasing lyrics your grandpa would have shaken to. – Craig Hlavaty

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