Drenched In Blog: Goin’ Out West for ACL Fest

So I’ve made the journey out west to discover celebrity gold in them here rolling hills of Austin. On the way here down Highway 71, I saw pretty little Jettas all in a row, with girlies rocking out to the new Rilo Kiley, smoking menthols. I lit a few Camels and dorked out to Kanye. The whole town it seems is clad in khaki shorts and baggy tees. Zilker Park is bumping with sweaty dudes and the half-dressed sorority girls that settle for them.

Not much action yet. Just a lot of milling around, waiting for the afternoon. The first big happening is Peter Bjorn and John. I’m pacing myself for the late day, when LCD Soundsystem and Queens of the Stone Age come out. My girlfriend Meg White totally bailed on me this weekend. Apparently, she has some yard work to do or something, then she has to wash her hair. It’s cool; I’ll let Lucinda Williams be my sugar mama this weekend.

I’m currently stationed in the media tent. Wow, we get free water and organic fruit bars! God is truly great to us rock nerds. May his ever-loathing light shine on us. I’m so not used to sweating through my jeans as I write my blogs, but it’s a living, as they say. I guess that’s why the aforementioned deity invented free beer.

Here’s that Peter Bjorn and John whistling song. Enjoy it while I listen to some XM Radio random dudes talk about the Killers. – Craig Hlavaty

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.