Drenched In Blog: I'll Take "Sad" for $200, Alex

At the end of an illustrious life, after you’ve invented the daytime chat show and various iconic quiz shows, and even participated in the first open-mouth kiss in modern Hollywood history, there’s not much else you’ve left unconquered here on Earth.

Merv Griffin passed away from prostate cancer Sunday at age 82, another great blow to an entertainment industry already mourning the deaths of several cool, influential people this year. This blog has seen enough obituaries lately, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow. Lemmy and Keith Richards, especially, don’t leave the house.

But back to Merv: when the sands of time have withered all other things he created, even Vanna White, Merv Griffin gave mere mortals the gift of Thor. The muscle-bound son of Norse gods Odin and Jörd was not only a hammer-wielding god; he was also a singer of tormented love songs. The ladies would swoon over his golden hair and mythic physique, and no one but him busted hot-water bottles onstage. (Unless you count those Christian weightlifter dudes the Power Team.)

So, Merv, thanks for Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, and all the rest. But your greatest gift was that of Thor. – Craig Hlavaty

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