Drenched In Blog: Jack FM

It seems that Houston has lost yet another radio station. On Friday morning, at the stroke of 10:37 a.m, we entered the world of Jack FM 103.7...

KIOL, the station that attempted to replicate the “outlaw” spirit of the departed and re-formatted 101.1 KLOL, is no more. In its place is one of a new breed of terrestrial radio formats. It’s pretty much like your iPOD on shuffle, with all your weird ambient Brian Eno stuff taken out. The format goes by other unassuming names like Bob, Dave, Joe or Froggy, its country music sibling. Over the course of writing this very blog, I have heard the Georgia Satellites, Third Eye Blind and Carrie Underwood. No on-air talent is involved, keeping costs and legal bills to a bare minimum. The strip club ads are still there though. Those free buffets are starting to sound kind of appetizing.

Back in the mid-nineties, we had a station kind of like this called 102.9 The Planet. It was pretty much the same corporate idea back then, just a lot more Hootie and Duncan Sheik.

At this point, if you are still deriving any sort of pleasure out of Cumulus or Clear Channel owned FM radio in Houston, you are a masochist of the highest degree. I commend you for your efforts. How does it feel to have a steel-toed boot in your face every six months?

Here’s Wall of Voodoo with “Mexican Radio,” because that’s pretty much all we have here in H-Town now. – Craig Hlavaty

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.