Drenched in Blog: March Madness, Rock-Style

Look, I know nothing about basketball. When the Rockets were in the middle of that winning streak a few weeks back, I asked where Hakeem was. I'm sorry, but my knowledge of the sport ends in 1996, when a little thing called puberty knocked on my door. I do know that right now is March Madness, because all my butch friends said so. As a much cooler alternative to all this "madness," I found this.

94WYSP, Philly's Number One Rock Station, is holding its own version of March Madness, pitting classic rock bands against newer and shittier bands. Some of the match-ups are even horrific, with Nickelback going lame to lame with Limp Bizkit. Some matches made me sob into my shirt. In what universe would you let Led Zeppelin duke it out with G.O.D rappers P.O.D? Seriously, everyone knows that nothing beats dreadlocked Christians rapping about someone named Jah. Sounds like a "Star Wars" character to me. (Oh, really? Apologies to my Rasta readers.)

Rock on, Philly! – Craig Hlavaty

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