Drenched In Blog: Mental Death

Just as my memories of singing “Cum on Feel the Noize” at a dive bar in Friendswood began to fade came today’s news that Quiet Riot lead singer Kevin DuBrow was

found dead

in his home over the weekend. Score another one for God, I guess.

Long a fixture on various metal documentaries, DuBrow fronted the ‘80s pop-metal band through their chart-busting heyday. They are best known for covering various Slade songs they later admitted to hating. These guys were the first metal band to top the charts, when people like Michael Jackson and Foreigner were mildly and softly kicking ass. I wish DuBrow would have lived long enough for me to meet him and discuss hair-growth tactics. Back in the day, this guy was almost as bald as I am. In recent clips, he was seen sporting an old-man mane that Steven Tyler would envy. (No, Keith. This doesn’t mean you should post a picture of my bare dome.)

Mama, Weer All Sad Now… but what an awfully prescient video. Kevin, here’s your 21-can-of-Aqua-Net salute. – Craig Hlavaty

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