Drenched In Blog: MFing EMF

Has something ever happened in your life that just made you wanna ball your fists up and punch a wall like the Hulk? Have you ever been so angry and desperate for an outlet for your primitive frustrations that you bit your own steering wheel in half? If you have experienced either of these two emotions in life, I’m with you.

This morning I found out that EMF is reconvening for a reunion show. Yeah, those guys. And get this kids, this isn’t their first reunion run. They’ve done this at least three times. Christ on a crutch! Excuse me while I do a Schubert Dip into a vat of muriatic acid.

I can’t even pinpoint why I’m so angry. Why is it that the ones we don’t care about want to cat around in our aural vicinity again? The rock world was not clamoring for this, National One Hit Wonder Day notwithstanding. Tons of groups will never get together again, but these bozos can just show up at a pub together and crank out “Unbelievable” four times, each in a different key, and people will pay for it. I’ll never see a band like Death from Above 1979 again, but a Gen-Xer in London can just walk down the street and see EMF. It’s beyond the pale of sanity.

Hopefully the new Dylan will cancel this out in the eyes of the Lord. – Craig Hlavaty

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