Drenched In Blog: Middle Age Crazy

Drenched in Blog has officially turned 50 posts old. If it were a white male, it would be buying a Camaro with its kids’ college fund and getting hair plugs to impress Texans cheerleaders. Basically it would be American Beauty’s Lester Burnham.

Over these past two months, I have tried to bring you the dredges of the music world: the sex tapes and banal beasts stalking the pop charts, with a heaping helping of creamy snark. I would like to thank everyone who gets the jokes and even the people who didn’t understand that I actually love Led Zeppelin. You even kept reading after I posted drunken photos of myself drinking whiskey. Who’s the sick one here?

As a way of saying “Thank U,” here’s that fully-frontal Alanis Morissette video. Remember all the hype for this record? You would think with a video showing off her blurry, um, assets, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie would’ve sold better. Ah, the ‘90s…

-- Craig Hlavaty

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