Drenched In Blog: National One-Hit Wonder Day

They come from small towns, large cities and bustling metropolises. They look just like me and you. Each of these individuals takes our enjoyment and excitement into their own hands. They lay down their careers and sacrifice their dignity for us. For all the unsung and fallen one-hit wonders, there are no parades, no great wall dedicated to them. Only scant and smug countdowns hosted by C-Listers and former starship Enterprise captains. When you look into the mirror, do you ever ask yourself, “Am I Jimmy Ray?” Because I know I do.

Today is National One-Hit Wonder Day, a holiday brought to us by the same folks that created Talk like a Pirate Day. Today is a day we reflect on the hitmakers we left in their own kitsch and blood on our dance floors. The ones who graced cassingle covers and guest-starred on Beverly Hills, 90210. For every Eric Clapton, there’s an Eric Carmen. For each Counting Crows, we deal with a Deep Blue Something. The Falcos, Tacos, Nenas and A-Has deserve your reverence today. They never got a second chance to try again, a luxury so many of us can afford. So, when you get in your car tonight, be it to go home, out drinking or just taking the kids for a ride, remember the victims of your flights of fancy. Crank up some Spacehog, and lay some Verve Pipe. I know I’ll be burning one for my homie Dead Eye Dick.

This is one for Chad, wherever he may be. It’s Lucas, brother. It’s Lucas. – Craig Hlavaty

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.