Drenched In Blog: Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails Cry "Freedom"

Today we’re honoring Radiohead and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails for busting the shackles of corporate record labels and chucking caution to the wind. For breaking out of the “Maggie’s Farm” that has destroyed so many careers and tanked artistic rebellion in exchange for a few extra bucks, using that cash to make new Pussycat Dolls ringtones while goading bands like Hinder into recording shit and passing it off as the “new”-fangled gutter rock. It takes big names to do a


right into the big labels’ wheelhouse.

The industry is changing, guys. Vinyl is picking up steam again, kids are going to shows, and bands are reforming left and right. It’s an exciting time to be around. Let’s just hope the brave new world lasts. I’m totally not saying this because the doctor just numbed my head to stick a tube down my nose to look at my throat. Laryngitis sucks. Better switch to menthols this week.

I would only post this loaded on antihistamines and antibiotics. You guys will understand. – Craig Hlavaty

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