Drenched in Blog: Say Ya Want a Resolution?

Last year's resolution to not engage in any homoerotic prose using florid and corrosive language didn't work. So for 2008, this blogger is resolving to not weep like a colicky infant when Albert Maysles, acclaimed director of Rolling Stones documentary Gimme Shelter, releases his Fall Out Boy documentary.

Yes, that's right. The guy who filmed heroin-addled Keith Richards nodding out during the recording of "Brown Sugar" and the murder of a fan by rabid, acid-freaked Hell’s Angels is making himself a movie about 'Peen' Wentz and the fat guy that sings like an emo Christopher Cross. Maysles is 80 years old now, so I'm just going to assume that the cold grip of Alzheimer's has taken its grim hold. I wonder if he thinks FOB is actually the Stones? Or that the Warped Tour is this generation's Altamont?

Excuse me while I put out the electrical fire that my laptop just started after I wrote this post. What's worse is that my spell check already knew how to spell "peen."

Happy New Year, H-Town… I guess. And yes, you are correct. This video makes no sense. Good call. -- Craig Hlavaty

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