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Drenched in Blog: SXSW Bitchin' Band Alert: Ghosthustler

A lot has been made this past year about the new wave of French techno; namely, groups like Justice and the renaissance of scene forefathers Daft Punk. Hell, this blog all but looked like it was written by a member of Justice’s street team at one point in December. It seemed no one on this side of the Atlantic was doing anything as catchy and arena-ready, save guys like LCD Soundsystem or MSTRKRFT.

But Jesus Almighty, we just got hip to Ghosthustler. And they are from frickin' Denton. Yes, that Denton. Texas. Our minds are blown.

Ghosthustler easily wins my award this year for best SXSW band name, mainly because the thought of a paranormal pimp makes my heart smile. But not only that, these guys sound like a decadent hybrid of mid-period New Order with just a splash of Britain's nu-ravers the Klaxons.

Ghosthustler has a slew, yes a "slew," of shows during SXSW, sponsored by my fellow bloggas Gorilla vs. Bear. I hope to make it to them all. And to only be able to recall none of them soberly the next morning.

How something like this came out of North Texas and not some grimy hostel in Paris is beyond me. Now I'm just waiting for the second coming of Throbbing Gristle to slither out of Vidor. Come on, you guys can do it. I believe in you. – Craig Hlavaty

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.