It's kind of like the shocker, but not really...

Drenched in Blog: SXSW Rumblins'

Here it comes. Just two weeks into the year and already the

South by Southwest

hype machine is churning. In the past week we have learned that Lou Reed will a keynote speaker, R.E.M will be stumbling down Sixth Street like it's 1984 and now Yo La Tengo will swing through Houston March 10 – opening for My Morning Jacket – just before they hit Austin. Expect plenty more announcements coming through.

If that's not enough, Daryl Hall has been added as a performer and guest speaker. No sign of Oates as of yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I want him to see my tattoo I got of the "Maneater" 45. Start saving up those sick days at work, hipsters.

Oh, and you better believe that Drenched in Blog will be there. We were so awesome at Austin City Limits that a Porta-Potty spontaneously combusted. Imagine what we can do to Emo's or Stubb's. I'm already polishing my catty bitchin' shtick… - Craig Hlavaty

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