Drenched in Blog: The Song Remains Lame

Are you guys serious? At this moment, people are lining up for tonight’s Led Zeppelin reunion at London’s O2 Arena? What’s the big deal? Jesus, you would think Herman’s Hermits are getting back together or something.

Look, the band with the guy from the Honeydrippers, one-half of Coverdale/Page and some of their cronies were just adequate. I just don’t understand the appeal. Songs about elves and mountains, leave that to people like Jethro Tull, all right? Find your own hustle. That’s what it takes to be successful in this business.

No wonder you haven’t released anything new in almost 30 years. That’s why guys like Bachman Turner Overdrive are still rocking our asses instead of selling us endless compilations of your self-proclaimed “hits.” Just do us all a favor and play “All My Love” and fade away. Nobody asked for this. Nothing is sadder than old rocker trying to recapture their supposed former glory. These one-hit wonders just won’t stop grasping for notoriety. Too little, too late.

David Coverdale’s career is rolling in its grave. And so is David Coverdale, I presume. – Craig Hlavaty

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