Editor's note: You know what's scary? That sweet little kid grew up to be this guy.

Drenched In Blog: Tim Curry Halloween

Way back in the mid-‘80s when Craiged in Blog was still just a chubby knee-high rugrat, few things were as scary as this music video. Well, this and “Large Marge” from

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

. Both of these used to send me running from the living room in terror and into the kitchen for raw hot dogs.

This is from a children’s movie that came out in 1986. The Worst Witch was about a school for young witches, starring Tim Curry and Diana Rigg. The main girl witch was played by Fairuza Balk, who it seems has never appeared in a film where she wasn’t somehow involved in the occult. For his part, Tim Curry has never been a film where he didn’t come off as batshit creepy; even in Home Alone 2, that grin of his chilled my bones. I didn’t realize Curry had a music career early on, releasing reggae songs and appearing on The Clash’s Sandinista!. This is what we call in the biz “hipster cred.”

Happy Halloween, guys… - Craig Hlavaty

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