Drenched In Blog: Trailer Leaked for the New Dylan Biopic

Attention all you Zimmy Freaks, Dylanologists and depressed drunken boys listening to Blood on the Tracks as you write your daily blog. The new trailer for Todd Haynes’ quasi-sorta Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There has just been leaked online.

Yes, that is Richard “Habitrail” Gere, a small black child, Patrick Bateman and the gay cowboy who raped Jake Gyllenhaal all playing Bob Dylan. Cate Blanchett shows up as an early, sardonic Bob from the Don’t Look Back days. The last time Haynes tackled the rock genre was 1998’s Velvet Goldmine, which chronicled a quasi-Bowie and sorta-Iggy relationship. He also made a biopic about Karen Carpenter with an all-Barbie-doll cast.

Next up for Haynes? He’s just begun filming the life of Kid Rock, with the American Bad Ass portrayed by Annie Potts, Richard Dreyfuss, a ham sandwich and the guy from Perfect Strangers who wasn’t Bronson Pinchot. – Craig Hlavaty

Gettin’ Zimmy Wit It.....

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