Drenched In Blog: Um… Hallelujah?

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has just announced its Class of 2008. We expected noted rocker Madonna, because she can sell ad space. John Mellencamp gets in for his Middle America appeal. The Ventures and Dave Clark Five show up for all the whining completists begging for some justification in spending $1,000 on the Japanese 45 of "Walk Don't Run." But the Leonard Cohen nod completely baffles me.

Not in a bad way. I just never assumed I’d see King Dour onstage accepting an award for anything but "Most Morose Bastard Ever." I love the guy’s music, but Jesus, sometimes if you listen to enough Cohen under the right chemical and emotional circumstances, you wanna jump off the Ship Channel bridge. But I'd probably just end up falling onto a garbage barge, a la Better Off Dead.

This is the most awkward thing I think I have ever seen. And I've walked in on my grandma using the restroom, reading Maxim. – Craig Hlavaty

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