Drenched in Blog: Unknown Pleasures

Here’s the official trailer for Control, the Ian Curtis biopic, coming this winter, that chronicles the short life of the late Joy Division frontman. It was shot entirely in beautiful, morose black and white, the preferred milieu of director Anton Corbijn. He shot the album art and lion’s share of U2’s “Joshua Tree” videos, Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” and the Killers video that featured the desert, dwarves and, much to my delight, plenty of busty Russ Meyer chicks (“All the Things That I’ve Done”).

This looks to be one of the most straight-shooting rock movies in a long while. From what we have heard, the movie tells no half-truths, save for bassist Peter Hook being a smoker (he wasn’t). Advance buzz has Control not sugarcoating anything about the late suicidal post-punk idol. It sure would be freaky if Ian Curtis became this years Johnny Cash or Ray Charles. Think of how kids sitting under the stairwells of high schools all over the world will feel about that.

Expect Control to hit Houston by the holiday season, in time for Oscar contention. -- Craig Hlavaty

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