Drenched in Neil: More from the Diamond Mine

Photos by Craig Hlavaty

You know, at least they're not at a Jonas Brothers show. Which is like saying, "Well, at least they're smoking hash and not mainlining speedballs into the veins between their toes." They get a free pass tonight.

I bet when he was going to radio school or whatever, dude was like "I'm gonna so be a celebrity DJ and get free concert tickets and and, like, make out with hot interns and stuff." The reality is that you end up waving little fans emblazoned with the robotic oldies radio station you engineer for outside all night.

I saw this guy and at first I thought he Wes Anderson or somebody. How is it that on-point hipster dudes somehow emit a frequency that even makes their photographed image look artsy and irreverent?

Yes, Neil donated all the proceeds from the merch sales to Hurricane Ike relief. I really wanted a hoodie (to hide my camera in), but they ran like 80 bucks. That's like, seven bar tabs.

I have never ever got real pic of a "scalper." Guy was so nonplussed about it: "Yeah sure, snap away, Annie Leibowitz."

Here's a view from behind the stage of the band. And it's taut and high, beautiful and sensual... Jesus Christ, that congo player has a nice ass!!! - Craig Hlavaty

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