D.R.I. Stokes a Thirsty Crowd of Thrash Maniacs

D.R.I., Owl Witch, Thraxis, Gallion, Legion Scout Bar December 5, 2014

While some of Texas' latest and greatest hardcore bands whipped up sweaty mayhem downtown at Fallcore on Friday, a couple of Houston's earliest and most crucial practitioners of the style were proving they can still rip it up with the best of them. D.R.I., those salty, speedy veterans of bygone Houston haunts like the OMNI and the Island, turned Scout Bar into their own personal thrash zone, replete with all of the circle pits, stage dives and domestic beers that that implies.

A small army of local speed freaks were on hand to help pay tribute to the local legends from the long-haired side of the punk/metal divide. Legion, Gallion and Thraxis had heads banging early and often on the evening as the crowd continued to file in off the foggy streets of Clear Lake. Visibility inside Scout Bar wasn't a heck of a lot better, with Owl Witch's powerful smoke machines turning the stage into a smoggy and mysterious realm for their blistering set.

All the smoke and skulls proved a good fit for Owl Witch's classic thrash sound. During a nimble shred solo by guitarist/vocalist Venom on his angular BC Rich, I found myself flattened by some metal maniac up front. Knocked the wind right out of me, and the Newcastle out of my hand. If you're going to thrash with the big boys, folks, remember to keep your head on a swivel.

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Nathan Smith
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