Drink With Mike Stinson, Help Terrible Eagle, Learn How Weed Won The West, Buy Summerfest Tix At Urban Outfitters

MCM's boss came across the above video of

Mike Stinson

's "I've Got No One to Drink With Anymore," from the local honky-tonk transplant's brand-new (and excellent) album

The Jukebox In Your Heart

, while he was waiting for her to turn in this article. As a staunch proponent of Coors Light, he strongly recommends you check it out, then check out both Stinson and the beer selection at Blanco's April 29. R.I.P


, formerly the rapping half of the hip-hop duo Gang Starr, saith

The Rap Up's Henry Adaso.

Did you miss the

Patti Smith

show at UH last night? You can read Aftermath's review


, then get a different take from

Sara Cress at 29-95

. Smith talked to Culturemap before her performance last night. She's a

big fan of the Rothko Chapel

. If you


haven't had enough, listen to this lengthy late 2009 interview she did with NPR's

Talk of the Nation

where she discusses Gilda Radner's parody Candy Slice, a story she also told last night.

Drink With Mike Stinson, Help Terrible Eagle, Learn How Weed Won The West, Buy Summerfest Tix At Urban Outfitters
Tom So

How's this for sponsorship? Urban Outfitters is hawking Summerfest tickets. The hipster retailer sent out an email early this week saying tickets for the festival are available in stores. This could mean good things for Houston's music scene. Also, the Free Press Web site's new redesign looks slick! Rocks Off's own Craig Hlavaty has a Facebook fan page. MCM is not responsible for what you do with that information. The Ford Fiesta Battle of the Bands is scheduled for May 1 at Warehouse Live. Tickets are free but you must RSVP at the link. Local bands including Robert Ellis & The Boys, Black Queen Speaks and Versecity are vying for a chance to perform at Bonnaroo later this summer. Chingo Bling interviews his dad on YouTube about the Nas/Kelis divorce and child support battle. It's funny. In fact, all the Chingo-Bling-interviews-his-dad-videos are funny. Here's some BBQ tips from the elder Bling, wherein he rinses off two raw whole chickens with the spigot on the side of his house.

Terrible Eagle (above), a band who left Houston a few years ago in an attempt to make it on their own in Europe, were robbed of all their gear in Napoli, Italy, when their tour van was broken into. MCM knows times are hard, but what is it with all the bands getting robbed lately? Tex Kerschen of Indian Jewelry tells us the band is taking donations via Paypal at terribleeagle@gmail.com. On Thursday, tune into Houston music blog Dryvetyme Onlyne to catch a sneak preview of the new Everyone Everywhere album before it's released on April 30. The preview is part of the band's MP3 Blog Tour, wherein their album will be revealed song-by-song on a variety of music blogs. Andrew Karnavas is throwing a release party for his new new solo album, Film Noir, Saturday night at Continental Club. The title track is straight out of a James Ellroy novel, especially the part where the violin kicks in. The Lotus Effect is also having a CD release party at Walter's, Saturday night. You can download their single, "Warhol," from their MySpace page. Best of all, their CD release party is all ages and includes a copy of the album for the $10 cover. Here is a Google Map of the Holy Wols' porch tour, which is this Saturday. MCM Can. Not. Wait. This is kind of old news (mea culpa) but the new Black Congress 7-inch is available at Sound Exchange. Celebrate today's dubious "holiday" with a screening of the film How Weed Won the West at Avant Garden, once the sun sets. It's free. MCM adores the odd Texas town of Marfa. The Mystic Valley Music & Arts Festival, in its inaugural year, is looking for Texas bands who want to play the sleepy desert town in May. (It's so new, in fact, that we can't find a Web site for the event.) MCM can not recommend enough that local bands should go for this, and take a drive down to Big Bend if time allows. It's a truly magic part of the world. More details at the link. Attention local musicians, music bloggers and music organizations: have something that should be included in Magnolia City Mixtape? Leave a comment below or email brittanieshey (at) gmail (dot) com.


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