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Drive-By Truckers: Hard At Work And Loving Hall & Oates

UPDATE: 6 p.m.: The contest is over. Thanks for playing!

Grand Funk Railroad may have got there first, but Drive-By Truckers are an American band. If not for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, for whom the Truckers opened the Midwestern leg of their summer tour, the Georgia six-piece might be the American band.

The Truckers rock hard - rattle them bones hard - but they're not rock stars. The songs on the band's eight studio albums through this year's The Big To-Do (ATO) examine life on the economic margins of society and the yawning gap between mythology and reality in the contemporary South with a literary eye for detail, hard-bitten humor and erudite Dixie charm.

Blue-collar as they come, the band is constantly touring and has already finished its next album, wrapping the mastering the day after Labor Day. "I sometimes question if we'd be better off if we could slow things down, but we just haven't quite been able to make that happen," says front man Patterson Hood, who started the Truckers in 1996 with co-captain Mike Cooley.

"It seems like whenever we try to take time off, we end up with twice as much to do."

Note: Be sure to read all the way to the end, because Rocks Off has a nice little surprise for all you Trucker fans out there.

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