Dudely Jones: Extra Hugs For Extra Thugs

Evan Cassidy of the Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe is one of the finest comedy rappers around. We've continuously chronicled his unique brand of hilarious hip-hop on subjects as vast as his pimptastic dinosaur sweater, being the most modest man in mainstream music, and his lament at his own gingerism. That last one necessitated us seeing living proof (via YouTube) that Cassidy's carpets do in fact match the drapes, and it's only because our editor loves you (and his job) more than we do that you weren't forced to stare at the uncensored screencap.

Ed. Note: You have no idea how bad you owe me, One F.

After a brief hiatus Cassidy is back with another track of questionable dopeness, but undeniable freshness, called "Extra Hug." You know that little hug you steal after the regular hug? The one that doesn't say, "I value your friendship and affection" so much as it screams, "I masturbate into a sock while looking at your beach trip pictures on Facebook?" That's what the song is about. As always, Cassidy sets the bar high by not coasting on the comedy, but really putting out a musically sound product whose primary intention is to make you laugh.

As usual, we couldn't let Cassidy go without pounding him with a few hard-hitting journalistic queries about the latest vid.

Rocks Off: What is the most awkward hug you've ever had?

Evan Cassidy: The most awkward hug I've ever had is at the end of the video, with Mr. Chris Blim! The video only shows about 15 seconds, but it really went on for about 10 minutes, as the guys from Two For Flinching Pictures insisted on getting a dozen different camera angles of that extra hug in all its glory.

RO: Is it thug to hug?

EC: The thug community is very divided on the question of hugs. One side asserts that a hug is not a sufficiently gangster display of emotion. An even more hard-line side argues that emotions in and of themselves are not thug! Nevertheless, I am of the thug camp that believes a good hug promotes camaraderie amongst thugs - and the more extra the hug, the more extra the thug.

RO: We've got to ask you, how do you convince such nice-looking women to be in your videos, you know, being completely hideous all?

EC: Due to my wretched paleness, being in my videos is a big tax write-off for a lot of sympathetic models. Plus, never underestimate the persuasive power of an adult male crying and throwing a tantrum.

RO: We never do. Now, what's this I hear about Dudely Jones branching out into a full-length comedy show?

EC: "The Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe Show" is a 13-episode sketch-comedy pilot/Web series that we've been working on over the past couple months. Each episode will be around seven minutes and feature a music video and sketches.

We are hoping to shop it to networks, but some clips will show up on our Website soon. We recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund production - you can watch a teaser here as well.

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