Dudely Jones Graduates To Full Comedy Web Series

Rocks Off has been chronicling the rise of comedy rapper Evan Cassidy and his Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe for quite some time. He's broken down for us the sweet honey lure of his dinosaur sweater, proven that there is a place in rap for modesty, and showed us his firecrotch in "Where My Gingers At." We can say with great confidence that Cassidy is one of the greatest hip-hop funnyman currently inhibiting the production output of America by infecting your workplace computer with his hilarity.

Now, Cassidy is moving beyond his music videos and expanding his oeuvre into a full-fledged comedy Web series debuting in September. This is great news for Rocks Off. We're big fans of the local, and as yet frustratingly unfinished Brown Dog Affair musical comedy series; Dudely Jones' show appears to be following the same basic concept, except that it will be more sketch oriented than linear.

What we know for a fact though is that Cassidy has never, ever sent us anything that did not delight us. He is an unstoppable giggle machine, and we avidly await the series debut. Luckily, he sent us a taste of the project with a short music video that makes up the series' theme song.

Cassidy sat down with us for a short interview.

Rocks Off: Will we be seeing a lot more of your comedy music videos on the show, or are will you be doing more sketch comedy style stuff?

Evan Cassidy: The Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe Show is going to be a 13 episode web series, each episode around 7 minutes. For the most part, every episode will have one comedy music video and one sketch. For the first few episodes, some of the videos will be familiar ("Where My Gingers At?" "DJ Modesty," etc.) but there will be plenty of new music videos, sketches and characters...

RO: You keep calling Dudely Jones a tribe, but you're the only one I ever see. Who else is involved with the project?

EC: Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe is a sketch comedy tribe of actual hunter gatherers here in Orange County, CA. I'm the chief, of course, and the other tribesmen in the "Theme Song" are Fred McCoy, Robért The Singing Frenchman and Barry.

Other notorious tribesmen and tribesladies in our videos include Alexa Green, Andrew McCormick, Shantiel Vazquez, Matt McCloskey, etc. The behind the scenes tribesmen are just as important - Daniel Martin (Music Producer), Frankie Guerrero and Debbie Guerrero (Two For Flinching Pictures), Yvan Galermo (Director), Mariamor Pazos (Assistant Director), Shawn King (Co-Producer) and Roberta King (Executive Producer). Shout out to all my other tribesmen in the streets of Fountain Valley!

RO: How has the reaction been overall to the content you've put up so far? Is the fanbase a-growing?

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EC: The reaction has been great since day one when we posted "Nyyyquil (NyQ It Up)!" We really started getting more hits with "Dinosaur Sweater" though, with Nicki Minaj's lovely appearance. I do stand up and perform the songs at comedy clubs, music venues, open mics and even on the streets - so that has definitely gained us more of a following, especially locally.

I'm going to take the show on the road soon - maybe even to Houston! We've also done some live sketch/improv shows, which we'll do again pretty soon!

RO: So, do you ask permission before you just wander outside singing naked in public or do you just dive in and hope you don't get arrested.

EC: I plead the Fifth on this one! No, but in all seriousness, Dudely Jones Comedy Tribal rights enable us to film freely anywhere in Orange County. We're fortunate because it would be hard to be stealth about it otherwise - there was actually a crowd of dozens of people around Fred McCoy as he dived into that duck excrement-infested pond...

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