Dum Dum Girls "Coming Down," Out of Their Clothes

I have a deep place in my heart for Dum Dum Girls. Their music is a kind of aching, empty light that is like being shot with some sort of experimental anesthesia before a doctor restructures a deformation. Think of it as Adele, but produced in an alley where crime and art are not mutually exclusive terms.

This analogy is nowhere more apparent than in the group's latest video from, "Coming Down" directed by Malia James. It's a work that is both insultingly simple and undeniably brilliant.

You might have read about the Top 10 Laziest Music Videos here on Rocks Off, which included Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Last Beat of My Heart." It was a bare-bones effort indeed, just one long shot of Siouxsie being slowly pulled back as she sings sadly out of a window, but in spite of its minimal effort, it may be the greatest piece of cinemaudio ever done in one shot.

Or it was, because the Dum Dum Girls blows it away.

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