Dustin-Prestige - Better Late Than Never (Music Video) from Ronnie West on Vimeo.

Dustin-Prestige's "Better Late Than Never": Is This Fantastic?

Dustin-Prestige is maybe the most subtly creative force in the city today. There really don't appear to be too many other ways to classify him.

The video for "Better Late Than Never" from his impressive Plaid, released earlier this year and still a viable contender for Best Houston Rap Tape of the Year, is above. It paints him a successful businessman (probably) caught somewhere betwixt lovelorn, love lost and love loved, a premise not altogether original but one that is executed PERFECTLY.

A Quick Aside: Ample credit should go to director Ronnie West, who, in the best moments from the four videos I've seen from him, has proven himself capable of building tension and emotion out of the cold, empty air of silence, a remarkable feat considering he's doing so within a music video.

His ability to weave a storyline without going, "So, here's what the story is" is truly enjoyable. Now, if you don't mind, would you please help me up off my knees. Thanks. Back to it:

Prestige is obviously a talented rapper/musician (OBVIOUSLY), but what firms the validity of his presence in any "Who Are The Best New Guys?" conversation is his penchant/appreciation/ability to deliver moving moments in nearly imperceptible ways.

To wit: In his video for the somber "I Am Legend," the visual version of himself never rapped a single word; and in that void his movements and mannerism and dead stare created an icy, emotionless psychopath.

He employs the same tactic here, instead this time conveying a brutal sense of desperate optimism.

[Pretend Like There Was Some Really Clever Play On The Term "Better Late Than Never" Here]


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