Eagles of Death Metal

At this stage of its career, dismissing Eagles of Death Metal as an ironic ­classic-rock band is a grave mistake. Formed a decade ago in Palm Desert, California, EODM — fronted by ex-journalist Jesse "Boots Electric" Hughes, with Queens of the Stone Age's Josh "Babyduck" Homme on drums — lovingly honors the leering come-ons, sleazy riffs and gigantic drums of bygone arena-rock gods. Still, its sly subversions, like a cheeky revision of Stealers Wheel/Reservoir Dogs chestnut "Stuck in the Middle" into "Stuck in the Metal," and cheesy attire — Hughes sports the shades and 'stache of a hunky CHiPs extra — only add to the smirking fun. Most important, the duo's love for the ladies is genuine; the lyrics on 2006's Death by Sexy (is there a better way to perish?) are too goofy to be misogynistic, and the band describes forthcoming, Homme-produced new LP Heart On as an "in-depth celebrational study around women's contribution to rock and roll." That's a sentiment almost as sweet as Hughes's contribution to Denny's new "Rockstar Menus": heart-shaped pancakes with raspberry sauce, hot fudge, strawberries, white chocolate chips and whipped cream.

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Annie Zaleski
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