EarthGang's Welcome to Mirrorland Tour Comes to Warehouse Live

EarthGang's "Welcome to Mirrorland" Tour touched down at Warehouse Live.
EarthGang's "Welcome to Mirrorland" Tour touched down at Warehouse Live. Photo by David "Odiwams" Wright
“Everybody shhhhhh! Quiet! Shhhhhhhhh!” exclaimed Johnny Venus as he whispered loudly into the microphone while motioning with his arms to bring the sound down.

The fans at Warehouse Live gradually followed suit as the lights slowly dimmed and the venue was enveloped in darkness. For a brief moment the room was almost completely silent with only the occasional fan screaming out in anticipation of the next song. The lights flashed backed on illuminating Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot better known as the duo EarthGang.

EarthGang is a rap duo from Atlanta with an eclectic sense of fashion and solid rhymes so the comparisons to Outkast are obvious and warranted but the group is not a copy of the legendary trendsetters. Like Outkast the two are influenced by a myriad of styles including southern rap, soul, funk, jazz, and more but the two are definitely carving out their own place in the music world.

click to enlarge Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus kept the crowd on their feet. - PHOTO BY DAVID "ODIWAMS" WRIGHT
Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus kept the crowd on their feet.
Photo by David "Odiwams" Wright

Johnny Venus donning a colorful headwrap quickly removed his blue bubble coat and stood alongside Doctur Dot who wore color splashed overalls. The two stood center stage as the large video wall behind them played random anime scenes. Images of flying monsters and Japanese style city scapes cycled on stage as Johnny and Doctur Dot paced back and forth.  The crowd cheered as the DJ queued intro to “This Side” while Johnny and Doctur Dot posed for fans to take pictures. The stage illuminated with flashing lights as Johnny Venus posed as thought he was sleeping.

“They sleeping on you! Not for long though!” cried and audience member as the crowd screamed in approval.

EarthGang’s Welcome to Mirrorland Tour, named after their major label debut, Mirrorland, brought the Atlanta natives to Houston Tuesday night and they didn’t disappoint fans who braved the cold, wet weather. The Dreamville signees performed album cuts like “Top Down”and “Proud of U” but also went into mixtape favorties and songs like “Swivel” from the Dreamville compilation album. The group has an infectious, high energy and quickly gets the crowd involved.

“If you got one hand put it up like this,” instructed Doctur Dot as he lifted his hand in the air. “If you got two hands put them up like this. Now clap like this."

click to enlarge The crowd at Warehouse Live presses against the stage while EarthGang performs. - PHOTO BY DAVID "ODIWAMS" WRIGHT
The crowd at Warehouse Live presses against the stage while EarthGang performs.
Photo by David "Odiwams" Wright

With the crowd following his every lead the beat from Swivel gradually got louder and filled the room. Before the start of “Proud of U” the duo had almost everyone in the audience holding up their hand in the shape of a heart as the intro played. Members in the audience through fists in the air as the duo traded verses on stage.

“I fucking love it here. I love Houston,” bellowed Doctur Dot as the DJ set up the next song. “Welcome to Mirrorland!”
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