Eat 'Em And Smile: Our Favorite Pictures Of David Lee Roth

Lemmy, Josh Homme, Keith Richards, Marc Bolan, GG Allin, and Billy Fucking Gibbons - that's just a sampling of the rock stars that Rocks Off wishes he could be. The list goes on and on. Today though is the birthday of a one of the most special rockers to ever high-kick on this mud ball called Earth, and his name is David Lee Roth.

Yes, today Diamond Dave turns 57, and the current Van Halen lead singer still manages to enthrall us almost over 30 years since VH's 1978 debut album. Who else can wear assless fringe? Who else can cover Louis Prima and the Kinks within the same set? Who but DLR could hire dwarves as his security detail? We submit that there is no one.

Sources close to Rocks Off say the band is currently putting the finishing touches on a new album and gearing up for a tour in 2012, and the new material sounds like a synthesis between old VH and a new frontier spearheaded by new bassist Wolfgang Van Halen. It remains to be seen if it will thrill or disappoint. No doubt hearing a man close to his '60s bellowing about broads in bikinis and the summer sun is what this world now needs.

In a time full of recessions, political strife, and general uncertainty, we need DLR on the scene now more than ever. Those scissor kicks, yelps, and naughty smiles can do more than any politician's pen or smile.

We found a few of our favorite Diamond Dave pics, from his days in VH to his solo career for you to gander on. Men, don't worry - we will never be as cool as the man in these pictures so we can all stop trying. Ladies, please refrain from jumping onto your work desk and stripping to "Panama" until your boss leaves for the day.

If you like some of the stuff you see here, be sure to pick up Neil Zlozower's Van Halen: A Visual History: 1978 - 1984, which is a collection of his best pictures of the band in their prime.


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