Eight Delicious Goth Covers Of Mainstream Hit Songs

The Halloween season is upon us, which means that the powers that be have let Gothtopia run amuck just a bit in bringing you music of a darker persuasion.

Usually, Gothtopia and the Wife With One F would be at Numbers on Halloween vaccinating ourselves for snakebites with vodka and cranberry and doing the Stomp the Bat Dance, but the unfortunate truth is that a lot of goths just don't take Halloween as seriously as we'd like. They tend to wear the same clothes they always wear rather than actual costumes, and usually use October as a chance to stock up on skull decorations and cheap spider shirts from Target.

So we'll be partying with the normals this year, and in preparation, Gothtopia has thoughtfully put together a party mix of spooky covers of mainstream songs in order to get the gathering in the properly pagan mood.

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