El Lago has built up a sizable fanbase in the area within the past 18 months.EXPAND
El Lago has built up a sizable fanbase in the area within the past 18 months.
Photo by Danny Garcia-Brandon Walker/Courtesy of El Lago

El Lago Leaks New Single Ahead of November Album

A regular gig writing about music means seeing new bands at pretty much every live show you attend. In doing so, I've always tried to catch at least one new act live a week, and about a year and a half ago, the same name kept showing up on multiple bills. It was the Galveston/Houston-based four-piece El Lago, whose lush and landscaped sound takes the whole indie rock genre to a whole new level. With pedal-soaked guitars and mind-altering live sets, they quickly became one of my favorite acts to see in town.

That said, I'm elated to debut the lead single from El Lago's upcoming full-length Colors, produced by Buxton's Austin Sepulvado and engineered by Steve Christensen at SugarHill. Found exclusively here, the beautiful and guitar-heavy "Into the Clearing" offers a glimpse into Colors, due in early November. You should have no problem placing this one on repeat.

The track immediately conjures an atmosphere of intrigue by opening with faint but pedal-backed guitar tones. Lauren Eddy's vocals come in like a secretive whisper; coupled with the guitars, the sound hooks you in right away. When the drums and bass enter and the band starts to get going, more reverb-soaked guitar notes dance onto the track and pay off in a big way.

"Into the Clearing" is so easy to fall for. Though it clocks in at a bit more than five minutes, the time passes quickly; there's so much going on within the song you'll more than likely want to listen multiple times just to take it all in. It ups the level of anticipation for Colors quite a bit.

You can stream the track exclusively above, and grab a physical copy of Colors November 4 at El Lago's dual album-release party with Vodi. The all-ages show at Rockefellers will feature headlining sets from both bands and an opening set by Houston's Astragal. Doors at 8 p.m.; cover TBD.

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