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Elton John Rolls In Like Thunder at Cynthia Woods

Elton John Cynthia Woods Pavilion May 1, 2015

What constitutes a "force of nature"? Hurricanes, droughts, torrential downpours? How about a bespectacled Brit in a bedazzled purple suit? Last Friday night, a 66-year old Elton John rolled in like thunder and reigned over a packed Cynthia Woods Pavilion, displaying why he has dominated pop music for the better half of a century. In a both literal and figurative fashion that only Sir Elton could deliver, the Pavilion was drenched for almost three hours in one Billboard chart-topper after another.

Walking into an Elton John show in 2015, it's best to have zero expectations. As with many of his contemporaries, John's discography provides endless combinations of songs that could be featured, and any hope to hear all the fan favorites is a gamble. Not to mention, there is the question of the voice: how will it sound? The benefit of having zero expectations prevents any disappointment. However, in the case of Friday night, that theory was a moot point. Any expectations this crowd carried were shattered and exceeded with ease.

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Selena Dieringer
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