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Enjoy Your Lunar New Year With Some Of Music's Greatest Butts

According to Chinese reckoning, today marks the lunar new year. It's the Year of the Dragon. Specifically, the Year of the Water Dragon, which I'm told will bestow a peaceful energy on the coming year, favoring the ideals of negotiation and forward thinking.

I know, right? BOOORING. We Americans know that "lunar" is an adjective related to the moon. And "moon" is synonymous with "butt." And what better way to commemorate the passing of another moon cycle than with some clips of the best buns in musical history?

The accompanying use of fireworks is at your discretion, of course.

Bruce Springsteen

If you were largely unfamiliar with the Boss until the release of Born in the U.S.A., and your first exposure to his music was the video for "Dancing in the Dark," you may have come away with a...slightly skewed impression of his work.

Kylie Minogue

In our opinion, this diminutive Aussie doesn't get near enough butt love. Wait, that didn't sound right.

George Michael

Given the former Wham frontman's almost immediate disavowal of the posterior fixation of the "Faith" years, it wasn't surprising to discover he was conflicted about other things.


We're not really sure how to classify Shakira's half-yodeled vocal stylings. Then again, her lyrics probably aren't what drew your attention in the first place.

Elvis Presley

Short of nudity or middle fingers, we're having a hard time remembering the last time network censors actually prevented us from seeing a person's body parts on TV. Could The King's hips on The Ed Sullivan Show have been the most recent?

Lil' Kim

Are Kim's particular bona fides in this area that much more impressive than anyone else's? Debatable. I just felt the list would be somehow incomplete without at least one convicted felon.

George Strait

I really have no empirical evidence of this, and you can't really tell from any of his videos, but my wife insisted he be included.


I don't know which is more disquieting: the overall Last Exit to Brooklyn vibe of this video, or that she brought her 12-year old son Elijah Blue Allman (playing guitar in the Hendrix t-shirt) along for the fun.


Like many female pop artists, Beyoncé (both with Destiny's Child and solo) has made her body a large part of her image. This can be seen as part of a larger commentary on the state of the music industr...holy shit is she wearing a catsuit?!

Billy Ray Cyrus

The butt that launched a thousand...what? Acid-washed jeans-clad groupies? What kind of world do we live in where Bill Hicks is dead, but Cyrus lives on?

Jennifer Lopez

Some people were concerned at the outset of J Lo's musical career that her sizable derrière would take attention away from her singing. Turns out we didn't really have to worry about that.

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