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Enter Shikari: Either You Know You're Oppressed, Or You're Asleep

If there is anything you can say about Enter Shikari, it's that the band is a challenge just by its very nature. There's no genre, no label, no box that they fit comfortably in. Ultimately, they are that obnoxious zigzag Tetris piece that brings the whole game down.

Lots of attempts have been made to compartmentalize the group with terms like electronicore -- whatever the hell that means -- but none really fits them very well.

If you were forced at gunpoint to draw a comparison to another group, it would probably be to Chumbawamba. If all you know of that act is "Tubthumping," then you've missed out on some of the greatest political and anarchist music ever produced. Enter Shikari picks up that same torch and adds shades of Trent Reznor, dubstep and Eminem to the mix.

Their latest album is A Flash Flood of Colour. It's their third studio release, and it's already a No. 1 UK rock hit, proving that they are a band on the rise and that they should be watched carefully. It's a continuous and constant cry against what they see as an endlessly corrupt system, and easily one of the most purely political records ever to reach so high on the charts.

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