EP of the Week: Battle Rifle's Guaranteed To Rattle Dat Trunk!!!

You really can't get any more H-Town than our very own Battle Rifle and its latest vinyl EP, Guaranteed To Rattle Dat Trunk!!! Unless, that is, we taught Mayor Bill White to how to make blast beats and had Quanell X rhyme over them and the pair played guerrilla shows outside the Rodeo during a ZZ Top concert. Guaranteed runs about ten minutes in length over two sides of "Luv Ya Blue" colored vinyl, with the Oilers logo emblazoned throughout. Its eight or so tracks would make a good soundtrack for a highlight reel of Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews' greatest gridiron beat-downs. Hell, the EP even has an ominous picture of the Astrodome on it, looking like ever more like the pissed-off and forgotten landmark that it is.

We love short, dirty and fast hardcore, which Battle Rifle does menacingly right. It's not too serious, has a sense of humor, and keeps shit tight. Listening to this thing is the perfect anecdote for road rage, with H-Town hip-hop samples sprinkled throughout like land mines and, ya know, the stray Ernest P. Worrell sound clip to keep shit gangsta... KnowwhutImean? Battle Rifle plays the White Swan (4419 Navigation) Friday.

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