Houston's Ancient Cat Society is one of the headliners of River Revival 2017.
Houston's Ancient Cat Society is one of the headliners of River Revival 2017.
Photo by Lauren Marek/Courtesy of Splice Records

Splice's River Revival Offers a Weekend Away From the Elements

I'm not sure who knows the movers and shakers of the Houston music scene and who doesn't, but it's a heavy mixture of creative types, business minds, and the occasional hybrid. Shaun Brennan of Splice Records falls into the latter category. After Brennan took on water from Hurricane Harvey, he started to wonder if those in Houston who'd been beaten down by the flooding would still want to attend this weekend's micro-fest, the Splice Records River Revival.

Brennan, ever the champion of the Houston music scene and those within it, decided ultimately that although about 80 percent of the festival's ticket sales come from Houston, people ultimately need a getaway, and so the festival will soldier on as scheduled. Now in its third year, this little festival that could includes camping, food, and plenty of nature, standing strong when other festivals seem to be dropping off calendars left and right.

Emily Bell and John Evans head down from Austin to float the River Revival.
Emily Bell and John Evans head down from Austin to float the River Revival.
Photo by Eryn Brooke

This year, the festival will feature a headlining set from Brooklyn's Pimps of Joytime, offering a bit of a twist to the typically Texas-based lineups of Revivals past. In this turbulent time, though, the band's upbeat and funky tunes might be exactly what people need to headline a festival. Situated on a nice plot of land next to the Guadalupe, River Revival is a mix of serenity, music, and togetherness unlike any other fest in the state. Other performers this year include Grammy-winning bluesman Alvin Youngbood Hart, plus Tomar & the FCs, Henry and the Invisibles, Ancient Cat Society, Space Villains*, Craig Kinsey and Austin's Emily Bell and John Evans. It's an eclectic mix of good-time jams, and many from within the Splice Records family.

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But music hardly all that's happening at River Revival, as the label focuses on nature as well. Hiking, canoeing, fishing, rope swings and a group float of the river are all on hand for attendees to enjoy. The all inclusive weekend that includes meals, drinks, and campsites is truly an experience like no other festival you'll see this year. The heavily curated schedule includes late night campfire live music, and encourages even those who've never set foot in a tent to attend. Daily yoga sessions, a cook off competition, and natural live art exhibitions from Journey Through all add to the getaway atmosphere of the weekend.  And while the festival was designed with adults in mind, family is also encouraged with children under ten years old gaining free admission with their parent's ticket.

River Revival is definitely the little Texas festival that won't give up. Purchase tickets to at this link; all-inclusive passes are available for $175 or $295 for a two-person bundle. If you plan on attending in an RV, there is a $95 fee will be added as well, though electrical plug-ins and water will be on-site at no extra charge for RV campers.

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