Eskabel: Ready To Get All Trae Tha Truth Tonight

The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place - lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good - so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Have something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email sheaserrano@gmail.com.

This Week's Rapper: Eskabel

This Week's Subject(s):Using Houston rapper names as parts of speech

Ask A Rapper: To start: Who is your song "Michael Jordan" named after?

Eskabel [laughs]:

"Michael Jordan"

was named after none other than me; I would like to consider myself great just like he was. But the real story behind that song is Lil Wayne's version --he did a song named "Bill Gates" that is very similar. So I did my version so it was more of me paying homage to the greatest to play the game.

AAR: There has been a whole bunch of songs named after people in recent years. Halle Berry has one. So does Kim Kardashian. So on and so on. Now it appears that, more often than not, people's names are being turned into adjectives and verbs, which is always fun. Like, you're pretty much saying that you're king shit by saying that you're Michael Jordan, right? You're getting your I Rule The World on, and whatnot.

So let's do this: We'll throw some Houston rapper names out there and you tell us what their names would be slang for. For example, if we heard somebody say, "I am so getting my Devin the Dude on tonight," we would automatically assume that that person is planning on going out and getting super high. Got it? Excellent. What are these sentences code for?

AAR: "Tonight, I'm gonna get my Bun B on."

E: Sentence Code for Bun B would be "Trill." The first time I heard that word it came out of Bun and Pimp C's mouth. So for the night I would be getting my Bun B on, I would be trill, like I am every night and day [laughs].

AAR: "This afternoon, I'm so going Z-Ro on everybody."

E: Z-Ro's name code would be "Solo," one deep for the afternoon.

AAR: "I saw Alex at the bar last night. He was on some straight Trae tha Truth shit."

E: Yeah , if Alex was on some Trae tha Truth shit he was acting real gangsta. Name code for Trae tha Truth: Gangsta.

AAR: "Dude, are you in Lil' Flip mode right now?"

E: Since Lil Flip is the freestyle king, his code would be "Freestyle"; off the top of his head with no thinking.

AAR: "My DJ Screw game is so ill right now."

E: Name code for DJ Screw for me would be "Slow and Smooth," since Screw music to me was considered slow and soothing to the ears.

AAR: "I'm on my Slim Thug shit, hardcore, son."

E: If I was on my Slim Thug hardcore, then that would mean I'm Boss Hogging anyone and anything in my way. Every time I see Slim out partying he's Boss Hogging his way to the women [laughs].

AAR:"I can not wait to get all Eskabel tonight."

E: Since I call myself the Black Shark, Eskabel name code would be "Shark." So whoever is getting all Eskabel for the night... research a shark. You'll see everything.

Download Eskabel's very fun mixtape, Pep Talk, here. Be back here Thursday for a breakdown of said tape. Follow Eskabel on Twitter at @Eskabel.

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