Screwston, Texas

Eve 6 2.0: Alt-Rockers Find Life After a Radio Hit

In 1998, my sister bought Eve 6's self-titled debut album and wouldn't let me listen to it. So I did what every younger sibling did in that situation: I stole it from her room while she was out with her friends. I took it to my room and carefully placed it in my boom box, then put in a blank tape and made a copy.

And so, a fan was born. At the time, it was more rebellion that true fandom, because I had already decided that I was going to like the music. I had, after all, been forbidden from listening to it, so I knew it had to be the best music ever.

But as time went on, and my musical palette developed, a number of tapes and CDs were never touched again. In fact, a lot of them were thrown out or hidden from sight as I told friends, "No way, dude. I never listened to Good Charlotte. That's my sister's album. Slayer rules, am I right?"

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Matt is a regular contributor to the Houston Press’ music section. He graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in print journalism and global business. Matt first began writing for the Press as an intern, having accidentally sent his resume to the publication's music editor instead of the news chief. After half a decade of attending concerts and interviewing musicians, he has credited this fortuitous mistake to divine intervention.
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