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Ex-Voto Is Back from the Dead... Almost

Ex-Voto, "I Never"

I turned down several New Year's Eve employment opportunities this year (some of them legitimate), and spent the last hours of 2008 quietly with family, friends and an excitable Papillion. Among the small group of relaxed revelers was a visiting Spleen, in town for a family holiday. Spleen, who occasionally deigns to answer to her birth name of Heather Stanley was, until recently, part of the small coterie of Goth musicians in Houston.

She started out as the singer of Larry Rainwater's side project Ardour of Angels, before being incorporated into his main creative engine, Ex-Voto. The two bands are more or less united these days, as are Spleen and Rainwater, who will marry next Halloween. Rainwater's day job has whisked them away from Houston to Arkansas, and, believe thee me, the city is much poorer for their absence.

Though both bands played only a handful of shows in the Houston area, I don't remember a single one with less than a hundred people in the audience screaming their heads off. True Death-Rock is hard to come by in this damn dirty Emo world, and now it's extinct in Houston.

"I Can See Right Through You"

All of us were worn out from the year, and the party mostly involved dueling lightsabers on Wii, champagne and Spleen waxing eloquently on her desire to invent a dessert that involves bacon. It was then that we discovered the joy of the Internet channel on Wii, and how many embarrassing moments there exists of all of us on YouTube.

A couple of the non-lame things that were screened for viewing pleasure were two Ex-Voto videos. The first, "If I Never" was filmed in the late 1980s in Hollywood by Sean Sure. The second, and most recent, was "I Can See Right Through You" (above). - Jef With One F 

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