Screwston, Texas

Exclusive: Chamillionaire's New Major Pain Is Not Universal

Earlier this week, Chamillionaire, still glowing from being free from the tyrannical grip of Universal Records, released Major Pain 1.5. Thursday afternoon, he was polite (or politic) enough to take a few minutes to talk about the tape.

The notes from the conversation and the tape are kind of long, so we'll skip the self-referential story that usually precedes these sorts of things and get right to it. Keep it moving, chumps.

#MajorPain1.5Notes The first song starts with some nursery-rhyme music playing in the background, the same way they use it in horror movies, with a guy saying, "Hey there little fellow. I know you missed me. Huh. You're a mean little fellow, aren't you? You hungry?" followed by a dinosaur roar that evolves into a beat.

The subtext there is pretty clear. If you're sitting there like, "Wait, so what does it it all mean?" go watch some Waka Flocka videos on YouTube or something.

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Shea Serrano