Exclusive Premiere: Jennifer Grassman's "Haunting" Is Scary Good

The last time we visited the cinemaudio work of Houston's own Jennifer Grassman it was because her and her filmmaker sister Kaitlin had cobbled together the suicidally fantastic music video "Bedroom Door." The work showed off Jennifer's penchant for vintage Americana as well as her angelic, ethereal voice and Kaitlin's stunning knack for atmosphere and mystery.

Now the sisters are back with a new video for Jennifer's song "The Haunting," and it shows a major leap forward in their ability to bring stunning songs to visible life. Filmed in a downtown Houston hotel, Jennifer's link to 1920s jazz-baby flapper culture gets even tighter. Dressed to the nines in period clothing, she leads a cast of dozens in the Charleston while playing the keys. Glitter and be gay and all that jazz.

"But wait!" you say because the people that read my column talk out loud to the monitor, "Why call some jolly, pre-depression romp, 'The Haunting?'" Well, let me tell you about the ghosts. The video is more full of ghosts than Caspar's family album.

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