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Exposure 2.0: David Sadof's New Alternative Wonderland

If Houston has anything close to an alternative-music guru, it's got to be David Sadof. Last week he rolled out Exposure, his new online station that takes its name from the late-night FM program he hosted on the KLOL in the '80s that was like MTV's old 120 Minutes, except on the radio.

Hosted by the Internet-based platform Radionomy, Exposure is available 24-7 on any Apple, PC or smartphone with an Internet or wireless connection. (Tuesday we were able to tune in via our iTunes, and it is also available through the TuneIn app.) It plays a broad variety of alternative and indie music from the 1960s to the 2010s, as curated by Sadof from his formidable library. Starting out last week with some 500 songs, Sadof is allowed to upload as many as 1,000 files -- songs as well as spoken airbreaks and pre-recorded promotional "sweepers" -- during his first three months, up to a maximum of 3,000. That's a lot of music.

Before you even ask (because we did), Exposure is not a podcast. As Sadof explains, many podcasts have specific lengths, like episodes of a TV series, whereas Exposure broadcasts like a radio station. Also, podcast creators who use music in their programming are responsible for paying licensing fees to the appropriate songwriters' organizations, but Radionomy takes care of all that.

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