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Exterminate: 5 Songs For the Daleks

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The Go-Go's, "I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With a Dalek": Interest in the Daleks amongst kids back in the 1960s when Doctor Who debuted as an educational children's show was so widespread it got the title of Dalekmania. The Go-Go's (not the ones you're thinking of) attempted to cash in on the craze with this novelty single, hoping to make the Daleks something they could milk like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Didn't work out, because they forgot that to make something like that happen also requires the explicit aid of Satan.

The Art Attacks, "I am a Dalek": Despite the involvement of the legendary artist Savage Pencil and being included on the equally iconic Beggar's Banquet punk sample Streets, the Art Attacks simply have not come down through the years as very important or influential. Nonetheless, you can clearly hear the combination of punk energy and pop-culture awareness that helped cement the reputation of the Ramones.

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