Facts & Fiction About a Wild Houston Appreciation Weekend

Someday, when I'm old and pretty much still a sarcastic short man, I'll explain to my kids why Drake, a guy from Toronto who at every single walking turn gives out praise and love for Houston -- got a day named in his honor. How he came to Houston, threw a free concert, almost got their father killed in the process of said concert and then partied the rest of the weekend like he was George H. W. Bush during his presidency.

"I know I'm not from here but Houston has shown me so much love," he said during the intermission of his charity basketball game, earning sobs from a girl who wanted to invite him to her prom next year. "I love each and every one of you."

Well, that's fine and plenty of people are going to argue why Drake? Why does he get his own day? Pimp C would have never allowed it, and more barbershop fodder that at the end of the day is just noise. But here are a few facts about Houston Appreciation Weekend (and a few myths as well):

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